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What's happening in M&I Sustainability Forum

SITE Thailand, in collaboration with TCEB, is searching for young leaders with strong motivation to challenge the world with the M&I Sustainability Advocate projects. Seventeen teams of 7-10 members are now collaborating to come up with new approaches to bring sustainability at the forefront for the M&I industry.


SITE Thailand M&I Sustainability Forum 2021 is the final day of the project and all ambassadors will be pitching their ideas. Outstanding presentation might achieve ‘special recognitions’ including: Creative Champion, Local Lover, Super Storyteller, and Market-Ready. 

M&I Sustainability Boot Camp 

All participants have the opportunity to attend the “Boot Camp”; a useful and thought-provoking special online sessions via ZOOM, gathering experienced specialists from the M&I Industry. Furthermore, all students should feel free to make inquiries during the QnA at the end of each session to gain more thorough information and light the ideas up.

The M&I Sustainability Boot Camp was very delightful! 

👍🏻 Thumbs up for all diligent young leaders! 

👏🏻 Big thanks to all participants! 

🙏🏻 A Million thanks all speakers! 

We all learnt a lot from Boot Camp: 

☘️ SITE Global’s Sustainability Mission 

☘️ TCEB’s Sustainability Development Goals for the MICE Industry 

☘️ Bio-Circular Green (BCG) Economy Concept & Hospitality Project 

☘️ Sustainability Applications in the Meetings & Incentives Industry 

☘️ Sustainability Event Canvas 


Let’s burst the ideas!

Sustainability Documentary

Learning to change the world! What is Education for Sustainable Development?

UN Sustainable Development Goals  Introduction

Empower Employees to choose Sustainable Corporate Travel

What is sustainable travel and why it is so important?

Thailand MICE Virtual Expo : Webinar "Sustainability"

The Challenge of Building Sustainable Hotels

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